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Wendy Hartley

Reiki Artist

What I’m All About


I’m Wendy Hartley, owner of EarthMother Designs Studio. My artwork, yarns and handmade items are made with love in my farm studio at Young NSW, Australia.

I love natural fibres and the ancient crafts of handspinning yarns and weaving cloth, starting from raw fleece grown by our animals, and using my hands and heart to make clothing that expresses and adorns the self. I paint using the mediums of oils, watercolour and acrylics, and immerse my spirit in bright colours and texture, exploring intuitive and more traditional painting styles. Nature, colour and texture are my inspirations.

Every creative piece made with my hands is infused with positive intention and energy, to bring love and nurturing into the lives of those who choose to buy them, or receive them as gifts into their homes. These positive energies can be powerful tools of change in people’s lives.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting my online studio!

Wendy x

All images, videos, content and classes are copyright of Wendy Hartley, 2018. Please do not copy, use, edit, publish, or redistribute without written permission from the artist.